Why should I choose Soar fins?

If you are looking for a quality set of fins whether you are a beginner surfer right through to a professional SOAR will have a fin model to suit your level of surfing and equipment.

Each fin is designed and manufactured by hand here by Australian surfers which ensures you receive the best quality materials with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Soar and Power Base remain dedicated to manufacturing in Australia.

What materials do you use in your fins?

Our materials are carefully chosen. Our resin is blended here at the Soar factory from the highest quality mixes.


Do SOAR FINS fit any other fin systems boxes? Can I use SOAR FINS in my fcs plugs?

All SOAR FINS and POWER BASE fins fit most boxes including POWERBASE finbox, and FCS(plugs and fusion) With the POWER BASE fins. (for FCS round plugs only ; damage may occur on the glass surrounding fin plugs)


Can I get different colours in fibreglass fins?

If you were looking for something a bit more customised, give us a call.


IS SOAR CLASSIC fins stiffer than Hexalite fins?

Although Soar classic fins are solid fibreglass, it has same flex as Hexalite fins.
Because we don't need to accommodate Hexcore inside anymore, Soar classic fins has reduced thickness at the thickest part of the fin about 0.6mm. It has another bonus benefit which is now can go faster in the water!!